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I'm Marc Montoya, founder of Tendrel Coffee.  I started roasting coffee on my back porch over an open flame, with a hand-held ceramic roaster in 2019, and instantly fell in love with the alchemical, rhythmic, ritual, of sounds, sights, and smells, resulting in a magical cup of coffee.  


I've wanted to share that with my friends and neighbors ever since. Though hand roasting over an open flame might be a little impractical, it's still roasted right here in Oak Cliff, a few pounds at a time.  

About Tendrel

Tendrel is a Tibetan term with loads of meaning, depending on who you ask, or what you're talking about.  David Nichtern, Senior Buddhist Teacher, Author, and Musician, defines Tendrel as "auspicious coincidence".  I First heard David talk about "tendrel" while driving around touring coffee shops with a business partner.  In a Q&A session with David, the question was asked, "do you like roasted or unroasted nuts?"  David laughed and said, "this is a perfect example of tendrel",  he had just finished roasting some nuts in a skillet on his stove.  

He explained how when experiencing "auspicious coincidence", it's not always about the details, but a signal to pay close attention.  


Moments later I received an email notifying me the coffee roaster I'd been waitlisted for was now available. I pulled my car over and made the purchase, jotting down a little note, "Tendrel Coffee".  

The longer term,  ten ching drelwar jungwa, refers to the nature of all phenomena, and how they relate to each other.  Ten meaning, to depend, and drel, meaning, connection.

It's talked about so much these days, especially in business.  To Serve our customer, farm to table, community, these phrases can start to feel a bit insincere,  and yet, it's vital that we cultivate meaningful connections in our lives.  With Tendrel Coffee, I'm hoping to cultivate connection, and celebrate our interdependence.  To be stewards of the land and our natural resources.  To honor those that were here before, and those that will be here when we are gone.


Tendrel Coffee is roasted in Electric Induction roasting equipment, highly precise and efficient, powered by our solar roof, and packaged in compostable bags.  While I recognize nothing is perfect, I'll continue to look for ways to reduce our footprint, and model efficiency and sustainability.  I'm currently exploring ways to incorporate a composting service, to collect the packaging and coffee grounds.  Let me know if you are interested in partnering, or have any suggestions.


All Best Wishes, Have A Great Day!


Marc Montoya

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